Saturated Leach Field Checklist

This checklist makes the assumption that the system has already been pumped and assessed by one of our technicians. 

1. Check the toilets for leaks - a simple toilet leak can easily overload your system. Easily test for toilet leaks by removing the lid and putting a generous amount of food coloring into the back of the toilet. Do not flush! Wait approximately 20 minutes and if the food coloring makes it into the bowl of the toilet, this is an indication that the toilet is leaking. Use the following link as a resource for a “do it yourself” fix or feel free to give us a call or e-mail for a referral to a plumber in your area. ( )

2. Request a copy of your operations permit by e-mailing or by calling Moore County Environmental Health (910) 947-6283 - This will give you detailed information about the system design / capacity. This permit will detail the “Maximum Design Flow” of the system in gallons per day and/or indicate the number of bedrooms it was designed for (typically the systems are engineered to process 120 Gallons per day per bedroom - for example, 2 BR = 240, 3 BR = 360 ) (

3. Contact Moore County Public Utilities (910) 947-6315 and request recent water usage data. Make sure to request enough history that you are able to compare the gallons of water used before and after you started having issues with the system. This information may be compared to the operations permit from Moore County Environmental Health in order to make sure the water usage in the home is not exceeding the system’s maximum capacity. (

4.On-site wastewater treatment (septic) systems are engineered to process wastewater from inside home based on the number of bedrooms. Our technicians look for signs that the system is forced to process water from sources outside of the home (downspout drains, excessive irrigation, surface water etc). If water appears to ponding or making its way into the system by any other means, we suggest you make modifications to divert the water away from the system. Give us a call or e-mail if you need a referral to a contractor to assist with your project.

5.  If you are still experiencing an issue after taking the steps listed above we suggest you begin working with Moore County Environmental Health and a local Septic Contractor to expand, repair or replace your leach line(s) in order to properly process the water generated by your home and prevent wastewater surfacing, odors or backups. Give us a call or e-mail if you need a referral to a contractor to assist with your project. See the following link for permit requests, fee schedules and links to other important information from the local health department. (