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Moore County
Environmental Health Department

In order to protect public health, groundwater resources and the environment, the Health Department ensures the proper placement, installation, maintenance and operation of
septic systems through its programs.

Note: Inspectors office hours may vary daily, it is best to call first and make an appointment. Inspectors are usually in office 8-9a and 4-5p.


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Food Services

Restaurants, food stands and other places that prepare food for sale to the public must get a permit from the Health Department.  These businesses are inspected 1 to 4 times per year, depending on the menu's complexity and the various cooking, cooling and reheating processes.  The goal of each inspection is to identify and correct any conditions that might lead to foodborne illnesses.


The Health Department inspects child care centers at least once every 6 months.


The Health Department provides inspections for all public and private schools that operate in Moore County. School buildings are inspected once a year, and the kitchens are inspected 4 times per year.  


Rest homes and nursing homes are establishments that provide housing and general care for the aged. The Environmental Health division inspects these establishments at least once every 6 months.

Private Wells and Water Testing

The Moore County Health Department is committed to the protection of our groundwater resources in order to assure a safe and adequate supply of water for our citizens. Protection of this resource is accomplished through proper location, construction, permitting and inspection of wells.

Public Swimming Pools

The Health Department provides inspections for public swimming pools in Moore County. The inspections cover safety aspects and pool water quality to prevent the spread of disease and to protect the public’s health. Seasonal pools are permitted and inspected once per year. Year-round pools are inspected twice per year. 


Businesses that provide tattoo services are required to have tattoo artists that are permitted by the Moore County Health Department. The purpose of the inspection and permitting process is to assure that basic sanitary requirements are met in order to prevent the spread of disease.

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